19 June 2008

#s @ $s & ₪s (!)

That's how many shkalim I can buy for a dollar. Almost four last winter; less than three and a half today!

So the question is: Would it be wiser to keep my money in dollars and change it as-needed, in hope that my shekel-buying-power will improve? Or is it wiser to change more money, on the assumption that the dollar will get weaker before it gets stronger?

Sure, I could do my own research, but I'd rather solicit advice! I think some of you have off-the-top-of-your-head answers that are better than I'd be able to come up with, even after googling around.

As a token of my appreciation:

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(30 days left.)

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  1. I'd keep it in $$ for now - not much to loose, and possibly some to gain. (Israeli economy depends on US quite a bit, so the shekel will probably be down soon as well, which will make you be able to buy more weak shekels for your weak dollars.)