27 June 2008

Good bye, St. Louis!

As I type up this post, I am sitting on a stool in the kitchen, in house my family's lived in for 15 years, which we sold today. This stool is the only chair left in the house, and it's a little too short for the kitchen counter — the only tabletop left in the house. Beside my laptop sits a carton of warm orange juice. We no longer have a fridge. It's so empty in here that my typing reverberates.

But... I'm not typing right now. I typed it yesterday. (Blogger lets you post to the future.) When this post appears, I am doing this:
Ridin' in the backseat with my dog, singin' along with mix CDs that I made for the road.

(ETA: Arrived safe in Pittsburgh!)


  1. "The words I am typing right now were typed in the past."

    It's not really a liar. I guess it's just an ambiguous way to say "The words I am typing at time A (which for me at time A is the present) will not be read until time B (which for the reader at time B is the present, and said reader will view time A as the past)."

    St. Louis will miss you...

  2. omg i almost died laughing when i saw the button read "commentim". so. the real question is: does blogger let you post to the past?

  3. Yes, it does! You too can rewrite History using Technology!