02 July 2008

Bulldozer attack in Jerusalem

A Palestinian construction worker rammed a bulldozer into cars and a bus on Jaffa Road today. (Read about it here.) People are saying that he probably wasn't affiliated with any terrorist organization. (Some organizations are taking credit for his attack, but that always happens.)

The attacker, Hossam Dawiath, was a 31-year-old Arab East-Jerusalemite with two kids. He was killed by police. According to the article,
Mr Olmert has begun efforts to raze Dawaith’s home, and stop social security benefits to his family.
Why are they destroying his house? Did his family have those social security benefits in virtue of him, or in their own right?
This whole situation is very scary. And of course it's extremely bad news for everyone.
“We are trying to convince the people that we need a ceasefire with Hamas in Gaza and that we need to strengthen Fatah in the West Bank... each attack furthers the public perception that no peace can be established with the Arabs,” said an official from Israel’s Foreign Ministry.

(17 days left.)

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  1. that is, in fact, both absurd and scary.