13 July 2008


Home again in Pittsburgh. I am pleased to say that I am now fully oriented toward the Middle East and North Africa. I got to spend a couple of days hanging out with Lisa and wandering through lovely Bethesda, followed by three days of intense bonding with ʇɥbıɹq1nɟ-ers whose awesomeness reaches a level that can be matched only by their astounding brilliance and physical attractiveness. (Or maybe I'm just saying that because they could be reading? Judge for yourself:)
More pictures will hopefully surface soon. Meanwhile, visit their blogs!

At the orientation, we bloggers were asked to post a disclaimer:
This blog is not an official Department of State website. The views and information presented here are my own and do not represent the ʇɥbıɹq1nɟ program or the Department of State.
So, there's my disclaimer. (Consider it used and not just mentioned.)

We were also given the option to register our blogs with the official ʇɥbıɹq1nɟ website. I still haven't decided whether I want to do that yet. In the meantime, I'm using upside-down letters to make my keywords a little less google-able.

And now? I have lots more to do and no time at all! If you've got any good advice (or just good wishes), send them my way.

(6 days left.)

ETA: Fellow fellowshippers Steve and Nate steal my awesome photo collage! I hereby retaliate by stealing Nate's adorable turn of phrase, "fellow fellowshippers."


  1. Speaking of your upside-down letters, I really like how the obscured word looks under the 'x commentim' button with certain letters capitalized! Do you need to hide that certain word? Why?

  2. I like it too! It's so inscrutable! I'm glad I'm not alone.

    A US DoS guy told us at the orientation that his department actually has bots crawling the web for that word. So until I decide whether I'm happy with that particular dude reading my blog, I'm doin' the upside-down thing. ʇ33l ʍǝu ǝɥʇ sı pǝddılɟ, yo!