18 July 2008

desert island books, reprise

For those still wondering, here's my final selection of five books to bring to Israel:

Sorry, uh, eight. Not five. Isn't that what I said?

Yeah, I failed in my mission to narrow down my books. But hey, I'm leaving the giant game theory textbook at home, so at least there's that. Next mission: to pack fewer pairs of shoes than books.

(1 day & 7 hours left.)


  1. I totally remember the contractualism one from your bookshelf! Btw, the shoes thing = not humanly possible.

  2. I did it!:
    1 pair of flip-flops
    + 1 pair of boots,
    + 1 pair of ugly gym sneakers,
    + 1 pair of cute sneakers,
    + 2 pairs of birkenstock sandals,
    + 1 pair of red Chinese flats
    = SUCCESS!

  3. Good choice to leave the game theory text at home. You can probably derive a lot of what you might want in it and find a lot of that material online.