10 November 2008

ראש העיר

ראש עיר

עצוב הוא להיות
ראש העיר ירושלים.
נורא הוא.

איך יהיה אדם ראש עיר כזות?
מה יעשה בה?
יבנה ויבנה ויבנה.

ובלילה יקרבו אבני ההרים מסביב
אל הבתים,
כמו זאבים הבאים לילל על כלבים
שנעשי לעבדי בני האדם.

יהודה עמיחי

It's sad
To be the Mayor of Jerusalem.
It is terrible.
How can any man be the mayor of a city like that?

What can he do with her?
He will build, and build, and build.

And at night
The stones of the hills round about
Will crawl down
Towards the stone houses
Like wolves coming
To howl at the dogs
Who have become men's slaves.

Yehuda Amichai
Translated by Assia Gutmann


  1. Amicahi was a ga'on. Captured such depth in just a few movements of his pen. Abba

  2. Are you voting? (is there anyone good to vote for?)

  3. Hi Ronni! Good to hear from you. I miss your inspired impromptu philosophizing... not nearly enough of that in CS grad school (although being Scott's student helps).

    Wonderful photos, and and an interesting, informative blog you've got here--I'll stay tuned.

  4. Ronni! I found your blog! I could understand the poem in Hebrew!! Did you take those pictures? They are so beautiful.

  5. Great blog. Definitely drop me a line: dlnead@gmail.com. We can catch up. Hopefully your blog will inspire me to post in mine more often...

  6. @ אמא: No, I didn't register on time to vote. I really need to do that so that I'll be able to vote in the general election.

    @ Jessie: Yes, I did take the pictures, in the old city at the end of Rosh Hashanah. It was gorgeous. (On Yom Kippur, I went to Giv'at Ram and saw one of the most incredible sunsets I've ever seen. It made my friend Katey tear up.)

    @ Daniel & Andy (& Jessie): Thanks!!