17 November 2008

feelin' groovy...

Yesterday was a huge success.
  • I've found some focus and direction in my research — I'm closing in around the idea of trust. Trust is relevant to game theory (which deals with stuff like the credibility of promises and threats) and because there's a lot of new philosophical literature about it (including feminist-y analytic philosophy, which is My Favorite).
  • I met with a philosopher here, who referred me to a couple of philosophers who are working on the rationality of trust, and suggested a few ways getting involved in department life.
  • I got a great compliment from one of my professors after seminar:
    "You're Hans's student? That explains a lot."
And then he suggested that we meet as soon as possible so that he can help me with my grad school applications. (!)
  • I came home to a lonely, lonely dinner alone... but then my roommate Niv came home and we gossipped and made sushi.
And then when I was about to go to sleep, I checked my email and
  • A girl from my philosophy class invited me to her birthday party! (Isn't that, like, the ultimate token of social acceptance?)


  1. This is lovely. And I really like the idea of you doing work on trust.